Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spying on my dogs - Angel's Deceit

We don't let our dogs on the furniture unless they are invited. We made this rule because a dog we had previously jumped into our plates of food and our popcorn a few times during movies. For a while now, we've noticed that we could hear Angel jumping onto the floor when we came downstairs or came in the house from shopping. I decided to set up a camera to see exactly what she was doing.
And she stayed that way for 45 minutes until we got home. At the end of the video (sorry I clipped it) you can hear us opening the door and see her jump off the couch! LOL. I filmed this by running the iMovie app on my laptop with it plugged in while I was gone. If you have dogs, maybe you should see what they've been up to while you're away from home. I'd love to hear your stories. You can set the iMovie to run for a certain amount of time before turning off, so don't worry about it running all day while you are at work.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My first Thai massage

Kung Fu has gotten the best of me. My back is sore. My quads are burning and feel solid like rocks (not in a good way). My calves never seem to stop aching. I've tried stretching every day and night. I use the foam roller. I take vitamins and protein. I guess my body just isn't equipped to handle this without some extra outside help.

I decided to go in for a 90 minute Thai massage. It was one of the most painful massages and also the best massage I've had. She pressed and pulled. She dug fingers and elbows into my muscles and joints (got the hips really well!). She stepped on me. Twisted, popped, and arched me. Some parts were painful but felt really good at the same time. A lot of the pain was because I was sore, but now I'm feeling so much better! She said she could tell that my muscles were tight and really sore. I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight. I'm feeling good! If you haven't had one, I recommend trying a Thai massage. She said she works on lots of runners, so I guess it's good for recovery. I feel like all the kinks have been worked out.

Here is where I went in Aberdeen:

Bangkok Palace
Image from Bangkok Palace website

Monday, August 25, 2014

My first 5k race

This weekend I ran my first 5k race. It was a trail run up and down a hill, which I thought was pretty steep! I didn't have the chance to train on a trail because it has rained every day for the past 2-3 weeks, and I was not training on hills that steep during my runs in the city. There are some tough hills in the city. I should have been running up them.

It was rough ascent during the race! However, I did manage to finish with only a brief 10-second walk near the peak to catch my breath. My time was 31:42, and I feel pretty good about that for four reasons:

1. It was my first 5k.
2. That was a really big hill.
3. That was my first trail run.
4. I have brittle bones and was trying to be cautious.

 Here we are pre-race! Let's do this!
 No Scottish event would be complete without bagpipers. They "piped us to the starting line."
 Julia getting pumped!
 Here we are at the beginning. How cool is it to start a race near some castle ruins?? Fun! The pipers played The Flower of Scotland, there was a countdown, and then we ran! Of course, I hobbled because my phone chose that moment to close my app, and I couldn't see the screen in the sunlight. I had to take it out of my band and keep running while trying to shade my phone and start my app! LAME. I blame my phone for an excess of at least 20 seconds of my time.
 Here is Julia crossing the finish line! Go Julia!!
 Now I have a medal to prove that I ran the race! Today is a rest day. My hip is so sore! It's probably due to the beating it took as I pounded down that hill!
I will never do anything more than a 5k. I feel like that's enough for my body. I would like to do another race and just work on my time. I've never been a fast runner though. I was that kid in high school that the couches made run track even though I tried to tell them that I was a turtle. They finally let me quit after they watched me at the first competition. I was the scrawny girl WAY behind the rest of the racers who got the pity claps and the "YOU CAN DO IT" yells from the stands as I ran, alone and about 40 seconds behind everybody, across the line. I don't think I could ever be in the top 3, but if I could make it to the top 10 someday for a 5k, that would be amazing! :)  If not, hey, I'm also happy to say that I ran the race and finished.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rainy day activities

It has been raining every day for at least two weeks! I'm supposed to be running a 5k on Sunday, and I haven't been able to run more than a mile each week due to slippery sidewalks and more pouring rain. I'm pretty nervous about it now!

Anyway, I've been doing other stuff. I tried making ravioli again. It was much better this time. Rolling the dough through each setting consecutively until I reached the desired setting really made things better!

What else have I been doing other than my normal cleaning routine? I've been taking the dogs out in between rain showers. I've been practicing for my upcoming belt test. Oh, and I've been working on my origami skills. I like origami. It's so relaxing. It may not be a skill I can take to the bank, if you know what I mean. But it is a stress reliever. It works on fine motor skills in the hands, and one day when I have kids, they'll love it too!




Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Letters to mobile phone users

Mobile phone etiquette is something they should start teaching before you can buy a cell phone. One 15-minute slide show could change my world. Since I don't have the courage to say what I want to these people, I've decided to write letters to them instead... on my blog.

To the guy playing games loudly on his phone in the waiting room at the doctor's office:

Can you not see the sign? It CLEARLY says to turn off your mobile phone. If we can follow the rules, so can you. Also, please note that while standing in the recessed corner by the window makes it so that most of us cannot see you, it is NOT a sound proof corner. We can still hear your annoying game. If you cannot resist digital adventures for 10 minutes, at least turn off the sound. We aren't going to jump up and congratulate you when we hear the cheers in your game. It only makes me want to take your phone and SMASH it.

Thank you and sincerely,

P.S. While you were so engaged, the rest of us were giving you dirty looks with nods of confirmation across the room.

To the person walking down the sidewalk while texting:

If you cannot stand to the side for 2 minutes or put down your mobile phone long enough to cross the street or walk a few blocks, I will not dodge you. I will in fact, purposely alter my course to run into you. I hope that I am the thing you run in to instead of a car. That is all.

Thank you and sincerely,

To the woman on the bus talking too loudly on her mobile about sensitive issues:

I don't care who knocked up your friend. I also don't care about your medical issues in your private bits. I'm sure the children on the bus do not need to hear your crude biology lessons either. Your private conversations can wait. Pull your head out of your butt and be aware of those around you. If you think you don't have to be considerate; that's your right. It's also my right to think you are an idiot and tell people about it.

Thank you and sincerely,