Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Few Things in Texas I'm Excited to Visit

 Steve and I will be visiting home, Texas, soon, and I am excited about many things! First, of course, I'm excited to see family and friends. We are having some BBQ's and family dinners so that we can gather everybody in one place. Next:
I love Chuy's. Steve and I were talking about it tonight. Great food. Great salsa.
Photo from Chuy's website.
 Oh yeah. We need some clothes, and this is the place to go!
Photo from The Clearance Chick
 When we lived in Missouri City, Steve and I used to go here for pizza and to watch the UFC fights. They have THE BEST pizza I've tasted thus far in my life. They spread garlic, EVOO, and rosemary around the crust... mmmmmmmmmm!
Photo from Center Court website on Google
 I have never seen this! A wall of waterfalls. I feel that I need to visit it on this trip home. Looks cool!
Photo from infoplease.com
 A family favorite in Greenville, TX. My mom said that she would take us here, but not every night. Spoil sport. Steve says this is his second favorite Mexican food place next to Chuy's. The salsa is so good that I've contemplated ways to bring jugs of it back to Scotland. I've discovered no feasible solution as of tonight.
Photo from Ta Molly's website
 This (below) is a picture of the cafe my great grandpa built and then ran with my great grandma for years. I remember helping as a "server" when I was little. We used to go there for breakfast, and "mammaw" would make me biscuits and gravy (or bread and gravy if she didn't have biscuits). Now, it is owned by somebody else, but my family still meets there every Friday morning for breakfast. It's the last thing we will get to enjoy before leaving. I'm so looking forward to it. How fun is that to have a place that your family has been going to all your life? So many memories.
Here is a photo of it today.
Photo from: http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/cityofate/2010/04/dude_food_buckys_cafe_in_caddo.php
Here are a few old photos I found. One is a picture that my mom and grandmothers put on a "memory quilt" for me, hence the stitching. :o)
I think this was my 1st birthday party?

Grandma, Mom, Me, Great-Great Grandma ("Bossy"), Great Grandpa all standing on the porch of the Cafe.


  1. If you go to the pizza place, let me know! Love that place!!

  2. Pizza & Brew is delish!!! A few of my friends live in Pearland and we would go to (they still go to) the Pearland location. They've got some good salads too! Enjoy :)

  3. mmmm, ta molly's!!!

  4. I'm heading back to Texas in about 2 weeks too to see my family in Sugar Land! I can't wait for some Tex-Mex. Chuy's is great. I love their creamy jalapeno dip.

    I haven't been to the waterwall since I was a kid, but I wish I had taken my boyfriend there while we were living in Houston last summer. We didn't spend much time in the Galleria/Uptown area.

  5. My husband loves that creamy jalpeno dip!

  6. It's so good isn't it!?

  7. I haven't tried the Pearland location. Maybe we'll go there.

  8. Unfortunately, we'll likely be going during the day for lunch when you are working. But.. I hear colds are really contagious... *cough* *cough*

  9. Chuy's creamy jalapeno dip...Yum!!
    Sounds like I need to try Pizza & Brew.

  10. Was it Ta Molly's we went to with your family when we were down in Caddo Mills on our way to Houston?


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