Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lessons From 4 Generations of Women

Yesterday, I was cleaning out my closet, and I found the last letter my great grandma wrote to me before her passing last year.  She was such a lovely and charismatic person. Don't get me wrong, if she was angry, boy did she let you know... sometimes via public announcement. I'm not joking. She stood up once during dinner to tell the story of why she was upset with Steve and I. HAHA. Even so, I loved her.

Anyway, in her letter, I noticed something that I paid little attention to previously; she had written a home remedy for skin allergies! That got me thinking, 'Why not share this stuff, or at least document it?' I've been so blessed to have an extended family and one that included so many grandparents and great grandparents. So today, I'd like to share with you, in part, the wisdom I've received from 4 generations of women in my life. By the way, my grandparents didn't hold back. You'll see. :o)

  • As you can see in the letter above, my great grandma says you can clear up skin allergies with a little vinegar and Vaseline. 
  • Olive oil is great as a night moisturizer. - Great Grandma Brooksie and Granny Hall
  • Always wash your face morning and night, and always use sunblock either in your lotion or in your makeup products. - Mom
  • If you can still sit down, your jeans aren't too tight. - Mom
  • Vinegar is great for the hair. - Great Grandma Bost
  • Vinegar is a great toner for the face. - Great Grandma Brooksie
  • Learn to stop caring (what people are thinking) and to forgive yourself. It sounds harsh, but you can't worry so much about other people's feelings. You are not responsible for them; you can only be sensitive. You hurt somebody's feelings? You didn't do it on purpose. Move on. Let it go. You'll probably hurt somebody's feelings tomorrow too. You never know people, especially what they are thinking, so don't beat yourself up over it. -Mom
  • You can never have too much underwear (Based on my Christmas gifts... I'm pretty sure this is what she was telling me.) - Great Grandma Streetman
  • Never play with your hair or scratch your head at the dinner table. - Grandma Ewell
  • Always go to bed smelling good. - Granny Hall
  • Husbands like sexy under garments. - Great Grandma Brooksie (with this advice, she included some things... haha)
  • Always be mindful of your legs when wearing a skirt. - Grandma Ewell
  • Let your children learn to walk when they are ready. Don't force it. Focus on mental develop first. - Mom and Grandma Nelson
  • There are indeed, barking spiders. - Great Grandma Bost
  • Meat tenderizer or baking soda helps with insect/jellyfish stings. -Mom
  • The sandman is mean. If you don't go to sleep, he will pour sawdust in your eyes! - Great Grandma Bost's bedtime stories.
  • Travel while you are young. Settle when you are old. -Mom
  • If your contact falls out or has something on it that is hurting you and you are in a bind, put it in your mouth to clean it before putting it back in. (Might want to rinse your mouth first. Sounds gross, but this totally works! I've had to do it.) - Grandma Nelson
  • If you have issues with peach fuzz on the face, Nair or wax is a good option. There's no shame. We all deal with it. - Granny Hall
  • A little baking soda in your shoes while they're sitting in the closet will help with odors. - Grandma Nelson
  • Don't wash your wooden/bamboo kitchenware in the dishwasher or using soap. - Mom
  • When you move, dig up your plants and take them with you! - Grandma Nelson
And the 4th generation, me: Work to build and keep those relationships with your parents and grandparents. Give them a call today!  Even if all they ever seem to talk about is the weather, let them. Give them your full attention; you never know what great advice you might miss if you don't. There are so many things in my life that I do, and when I think about it, many of those things were taught to me by my family. I love you all dearly.

What advice have the women in your life passed to you?


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha, barking spiders are real! I love it :) I've kept all of the postcards that my grandmother sent me from all of their travels, and it's such a wonderful thing to have and be able to read through now that she's gone. Thanks for sharing all the wisdom :)

    1. Now you believe in barking spiders too, eh? ;)

  2. Number one: barking spiders? Dear lord.
    Number two: That last piece of advise from Grandma Nelson I can now say I have observed! When we moved from MN I dug up the lilacs that Alan's Grandma Itsie had given us. I didn't want to leave them behind! They are now slowly recuperating but I think they're going to make it!

    1. hahaha... yep. When we moved to Scotland, my family came to my house in Texas and dug up all kinds of stuff! Plants are expensive and some feel sentimental when they are gifts.


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