Monday, February 25, 2013

Holiday in the Highlands - West Coast Preview

We have been on such a relaxing, fun, and interesting holiday...which is why I haven't written in several days. We are pretty tired tonight, so I'm just going to give you a preview of our trip!

We drove from Aberdeen to the tiny town of Achintraid! It took about 4 hours.

Here is a map showing all the places/sites we visited while we were there.

Starting from the top of the second map:
  • Applecross
  • Ardoch Bothy location
  • Town of Achintraid
  • Strome Castle
  • Castle Moil (bottom left)
  • Eilean Donan Castle (bottom right)
We found the Ardoch Bothy on this website:
 It was so cozy, and the views were breathtaking! We will definitely go back to Ardoch Bothy. We were so sad when we had to leave. We spent 3 nights there. During the day we traveled around the west coast visiting castles, ruins, small towns, lake shores, and pubs. At night we watched the sunset, enjoyed a warm fire, and viciously competed for the win in Scrabble or Monopoly. Here are some site previews to get you excited:

Ardoch Bothy "bolt-hole" where we stayed

View of Applecross Bay

Eilean Donan Castle

On the way home we stopped to see Urquhart Castle at Loch Ness. Let me tell you... it was worth the detour...

Just for fun:

We recorded some video of our drive through the mountains of Applecross. This is just a short clip. It takes a while to upload the longer videos. Have fun!


  1. Haha.. that was actually playing in the car. :o)

  2. it looks beautiful and peaceful! - kelly

  3. OMG You're so funny with the music. LOVE IT!

  4. did you listen to scottish music the whole road trip? too funny.

  5. love this part of scotland! you'll have to go back in the summer to get the greener views =) glad ya'll had a nice and relaxing time.

  6. No, we didn't listen to it for the entire trip, but it was on my iPod so we thought it was appropriate for the mountain driving video. :o) hehe. It also was so upbeat that it made those curves, ascents, and descents less stressful.


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