Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dunnottar Castle with my new camera and the Waltons!

Well, I've posted about Dunnottar (pronounced "dun-otter") Castle a few times now, so I won't bore you with too many details. I'm a season pass holder. Dunnottar is privately owned so you won't get access through anything such as Historic Scotland or the National Trust. You can park on site, take a bus that drops off near the castle, or walk the 1.5 miles from Stonehaven. We chose to park because Chris was having knee trouble. The best place to take a picture, in my opinion, is on the patch of grass just to your left before you head down the stone steps to the entrance.

It's a great spot, right? I recommend going to the castle next. There is a path that you pass on your right that takes you to some cliffs opposite the castle. I like to save it for last! There are about 170 steps to the entrance. The castle grounds can often be wet and muddy in some places, so I wouldn't recommend sandals or anything with a heel.
Really green walls!



The smithy

Notice our photo bomber in the back? hehe.. Angela 

We should have taken two pictures. We couldn't tell from the camera screen that she closed her eyes!

I love my new camera!


The next series of pictures are from the cliffs on the opposite side.

Next stop, Stonehaven... for local brews, fish and chips, and Auntie Betty's ice cream!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Sorry I was out for a while. We were touring Italy! I need to get those pictures sorted next! Enjoy your Wednesday!

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