Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Missing the blooms

Sometimes I just feel like staying on the couch with my dogs. I especially want to do that when it's cloudy, cold, and I'm stopped up. I feel like I am just never able to breathe. Every time a season change occurs, I get sick. Nothing seems to really work well. I've found things that alleviate the symptoms, but I haven't narrowed down a cause or cure. I've been tested for allergies to pollen, dust, grasses, pet dander, and mold. All came back negative. I don't smoke. I've been tested for food allergies. I've been taking enzymes that seem to be helping, but seriously, what is wrong with me??? Runny nose and a constantly stopped up face. Any ideas? I'm healthy otherwise. Doctors here don't seem to want to deal with me. They just tell me to take my nose spray and antihistamines. I'm tired of taking that crap. Half of the time it doesn't work.

I've missed most of the early blooming flowers because I'm afraid to be outside too long. I got out for a little while with the dogs today. The crocuses are blanketing the ground at the park.

They are pretty aren't they?

Another flower that blooms early is the snowdrop. There are snowdrop festivals around Scotland! Snowdrops are so called because they can grow through the snow. Snowdrops also have medicinal purposes. Some chemicals found in them are used to treat Alzheimer's and injuries to the nervous system. Scientists are also investigating their potential to treat HIV. (Source:

Some crocuses mixed with the snowdrops. :)

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  1. Could it be your sinuses? Earlier every time I got a cold, I would be just like you are now, and it took weeks to clear up. I went to the doctor in the end, and she meant it was chronic sinus infection, and prescribed this nose spray that I should use every day. It would take about a month for it to start working, she said, but then it would start helping. And it did! Haven't had a problem ever since I started using the spray :)


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