Thursday, June 5, 2014

Preparing for the Ball

My husband's company has a spring/summer ball each year, and it is this weekend. I really had a great time last year! It's at the Marcliffe, which is a really nice place. I had planned to wear a dress that I've had for about 5 years. It's from White House Black Market. It's a cute dress! Unfortunately, when I tried it on I couldn't breathe. Guess I'm not that size 2 anymore, eh? hehe. What did I say to that?? I said, "Kristal, welcome to almost 30... and to being a healthy (not underweight) young woman." Oh yeah. Then, I panicked because I had 3 days to find a new dress that would not require tailoring. It also needed to match Steve's kilt, which he picked based on the non-fitting dress. Thank goodness it's black and white! I got so very lucky fit, color, and price-wise:

From: Debenham's website
I really like it. I have some nice black and white heels to wear with it. I've also been practicing fixing my hair. I'm determined to make it look nice all by myself this year, and not just leave it down. YouTube is amazing!

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