Thursday, June 26, 2014

Backing Up or Exporting Your Blog

Alright folks. Let's get serious. Some of you may have seen this before, but I think it's worth it to post reminders. We live in a digital age. We are changing to a world where most things are saved as digital copies, and with the risk of identity theft, hacking, etc., we need to become diligent about backing up our data, e-mails, and blogs. Let's start with your blog.  Tomorrow we'll deal with your e-mail, and I'll do some research on hacking statistics.

Back to blogging. You probably post loads of pictures and information on your blog, right? It's a journal to some people. Archives for others. Do you want to lose it? Hitting save is not absolute. Blogs can be hacked or simply deleted. I've heard cases of people who had their blogs flagged and then deleted for reasons that basically came down to ... well, even computers can misinterpret. I've listed the steps below for backing up your Blogger Blog. :)

Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Settings.
 Under "Settings" click on "Other" for a new list.
 You should see something similar to what is pictured below. Next to Blog Tools you can see blue links for importing, exporting, or deleting your blog. Click on Export.
 You'll see a message pop up like the one below. Download your blog and save it to your computer.

Also, learn to save things with descriptive names and dates. It doesn't have to be long. For example, if I backed up my blog today, I would name it something like: BlogBackupJune2014. Don't save over you previous backup file. This type of system keeps you from overwriting any original data that you may decide later you wished you hadn't changed, and it lets you know which file has the most current data, which you may decide is better (perhaps you made some edits?) than your older stuff. Not to mention that it, of course, includes everything new that you needed to backup. Make sense?

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