Saturday, September 29, 2012

Most common sayings while packing

I'd like to begin today with a list of the most common sayings in my house while cleaning and packing. Enjoy!

  • "What IS this?"
  • "What does this go to?"
  • "Seriously, Steve?"
  • "Where is the other shoe?!"
  • "But I might need it"
  • "I will make it fit!"
Would you like to see one used in a sentence?

I found a birthday card in a sack that somebody gave to Steve. I opened it to see who it was from and immediately turned to say, "Seriously, Steve?" He opened it and found $25 still in the card.

My last day of work was today. It's bitter sweet. People keep saying, "We sure hate to see you go," and I just can't bring myself to say, "Me too," because... well.. I'm going to Scotland! I will miss them, and I did like my job, but for this reason, I'm not too sad to go. Who knows? Maybe I'll be back. Have any readers (I hope I'm not just talking to myself here... but this is pretty new) out there ever gone back to your job after moving away for a few years as an expat spouse?

I think I've found some places I'd like to try in Aberdeen:

Moon Fish Cafe
Musa Art & Music Cafe
Cafe Crema
Howies Aberdeen

Which one should I go to first?


  1. Haha....I can see you using all those phrases. Perhaps all in the same sentence as well. ;)
    One thing I'm noticing reading through your posts--the light text on dark background hurts my poor eyes :(


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