Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's my name again?

 What is my name? I think I've lost it in the fog in my brain. We were up until 1 AM last night cleaning and filling out VISA paperwork. Tonight we must do more. Today they staged the house and took pictures. Some of the furniture is in the middle of the room. Clearly, I don't understand real estate because I think some of it looks funny. HAHA. Some of it looks great. I can't figure out the living room arrangement. Couch -> End table -> Foot rest. Ignore the plates of food. :o)

Everything is so empty. You have to take down all of your pictures and remove almost all of your stuff. After you use something you immediately have to clean and hide it! Selling your house is a lot of work! Tonight we have to clean out the closets where we threw everything so that they could get good pictures with almost nothing on any surfaces. Has anybody else done this? Any advice? It's like you can never relax while your house is for sale. :(

I think I need a drink. I love red wines. I take donations in this form.

Positive note (sort of): House hunting is coming up soon so I have that to look forward to! The weather in Aberdeen is in the 50s and sounds great! However... they did have this little event (Thanks Lisa for sharing the news article):

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