Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spiders in Scotland

I found this guy crawling up the wall yesterday. I tried to catch him, but he fell behind the couch. I remember thinking, "I better just move the couch and get him, or he'll end up crawling up my back!" Then, I got busy and forgot about it. I was having my coffee when I noticed something moving on the side of my shirt. Sure enough, there he was. I grabbed a piece of paper to try to scoop him. That determined little bugger shot up my back to my shoulder. I was petrified for a moment. In the end, I managed to get him off my shoulder and safely onto another corner of the house. I don't see a reason to kill them. They take care of any bugs in the house. I just don't want them on me! I was looking some stuff up tonight about spiders in Scotland and finally came across this pdf that identifies several. It tells you where they are typically found.

Speaking of "spiders"... of a different kind... my spider lilies have started to bloom! Pretty. :o)

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