Monday, February 4, 2013

Dragons, German Sausage Bar, and 80s Night

Thursday I went to the Bible study again. I'm really enjoying the study and the fellowship with the ladies. It has been really good for me and my relationship with God. It's helping me to gain new perspectives and realign my life. Thursday night was Kung Fu...brutal as always. 12 extra dragons this time for people moving again. We'll all get this one of these days... Or we'll just be strong enough to not be bothered by it anymore... hehe. Dragons put you in a position like this, but with your hands pulled back at your side and your back straight. It hurts....especially to do 12 per leg.... at the end of a work out.

Later that night I spent some time talking to my sister. I've got her watching Bleach now. She said she loves it. She even sent me a picture of the main character, Ichigo, the next day. :o)

Mahjong was good on Friday. I won 3 times in a row!!  Can you believe that? I'm either getting better or luckier. It snowed again, but didn't stay on the ground for long.

Steve and I had to do a little more shopping this weekend for the 80s party we were going to attend. We were pretty rushed because I was not feeling so well after Kung Fu. People were pushing themselves hard enough for the si-heng (senior brother) teaching the class. You don't have to be perfect at it... nor do they expect you to be super strong with no shaking and an ability to hold  a squat for an infinite amount of time. They just want you to push yourself past what you believe you can achieve. Anyway, after class I was exhausted, had a migraine, and my neck (which I messed up during the last class) was killing me. I rubbed on the Tiger Balm and passed out for an hour. Steve came to wake me up with a glass of water and some Ibuprofen. He's a sweetheart. 

Right. Back to the shopping. I found some great boots! You can wear them laced all the way up or folded down:

After all of that running around, I saw a German Sausage Bar outside of the mall. I know that Steve hates shopping but loves food so I suggested we get one. It was great! It was so cold outside, and we were hungry so that made it even better to grab a hot, yummy brat for a snack on our way home! Steve seemed much happier. You can't tell in the picture. He had just taken a bite and looked up at me as I snapped the picture! hehe

I was very pleased with our outfits at the 80's party. Everybody else had great outfits too. If you want a fun birthday idea, go with a decade theme AND go out. It was pretty great. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
I went for a Joan Jett sort of look, and Steve went for Duckie's look from Pretty in Pink. Although I had to add in that Pacman belt buckle that I found.

And that brings us to today, which was very relaxing. I got up, stretched, meditated, and made breakfast. I worked on my Bible study. I took the dogs for a nice long walk. I think Frog is finally enjoying our walks. I made venison stew for dinner. Steve ran to the store for me to get a bottle of red wine that I needed to make the stew. I forget about that ingredient. He was so sweet though to go get it for me. He even brought me back a box of little chocolates. While we ate we watched the movie Looper. I thought it was pretty good. Steve is watching the Super Bowl now. I set it to record on my mom's DVR though, because it's going to be on way too late for him to stay up on a work night. He can finish watching it tomorrow he says. :o)

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