Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yummy Chipper and a Brewery Tour

 The weather here has been crazy. Some days we get rain, snow, sunshine, and sleet all in the same day! I've been wanting to take the dogs to Kirkhill Forest for a walk, but the weather is so uncertain.  I was able to get both the dogs out a few times this week. We walked up to meet Steve leaving work. Frog was anxiously waiting at the window to see who was inside!

Steve came out and said, "Wow! The old man came this time."

"Yeah, I think Frog is finally acclimating and getting in better shape so that he can handle longer walks."

A few days later I took Angel for a run. Steve called when he left work so that I could meet him on his walk home again. :)  We ran almost two miles by the time we hit Rubislaw Den... oh Rubislaw Den.. you are not my friend. Angel was snorting, and I was breathing heavily. My legs were tired, and my heart was pounding. I hate hills. I got about 3/4 of the way, maybe, when I saw Steve walk out onto the road. I was running in the road for a bit because the sidewalk was covered in ice. I watched some teenagers sliding down the pavement, and because I was trying to go up the hill, I decided it was not the best path for me. Anyway, I saw Steve, ran to him and said, "I'm... so glad... that you showed.... up just now. I thought that I.... was going to have... to run to the top of this.... dang hill!" He just laughed and said, "Yep. It's a beast." Angel trotted along seemingly unaffected. However, we let the dogs sleep with us that night, and she curled up at the bottom of the bed under her blanket and never moved. Usually she walks up and down, up and down, and fights with us all night trying to get between Steve and I under our blankets.

Moving on. Friday night we went with some friends to a chippy (place serving fish and chips) called The Ashvale. The food was so good! We had fried haddock with chips (fries) and mushy peas. Yum! I highly recommend this place. Apparently they host some great fundraisers there too. We went to The Queen Vic afterwards for an after-dinner drink. It's a pretty nice pub.

Photo from The Queen Vic Facebook page.
Saturday we went to the Burnside Brewery in Laurencekirk with some of Steve's coworkers. We took the train, and I got so frustrated because Steve called the taxi and told them to get to our house "now" as I was still sitting in my pajamas. He said, "Well the lady on the phone said that the lines can be really long!" I threw my makeup in my purse (I wasn't finished) and was rushing around putting on clothes as Steve ran out to ask the taxi to wait a few minutes. We got there 30 minutes early, and I was annoyed! The look on Steve's face as he walked into the ticket office was priceless...

He came back with the tickets and stared at me.

"Good thing we got here so that you'd have time to get through these long lines," I said sarcastically.

"Please don't kill me. I love you."

I couldn't help it. I was dying inside. I started laughing and gave him a hug. It was really funny. Anyway, the trip was great. The owners of the brewery were really nice. We got to hang out and try different beers that they had brewed. We met some great people and new friends. We ate some yummy curry and had lots of laughs. Good times were had.

Great views on the ride there! Scotland is so pretty.

They brought their own keg on the train. :o)


Steve trying one of the brews

Steve was very serious when learning about the brewing process.

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