Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to Forvie Nature Reserve with the pups! - Beware! Cuteness abounds!

I decided to go back to Forvie National Nature Reserve today to see how the dogs liked it. I think it was hard on Angel because she's accustomed to being allowed off lead in nature areas, but there is a part of the Dune Trail that you must keep dogs on lead due to nesting. I think it was hard on Frog because it was a long walk, and it was pretty warm. French bulldogs don't really appreciate either of those factors. I didn't get as many pictures of Angel today. She was pretty busy throughout the walk. The Dune Trail is marked in blue dots below. It's about 3.2 mi.

Got there during low tide today!

Check out the video of Frog and Angel having fun! I love it! Angel is so silly.

I think this might be a mauve stinger.

Oh Frog... you can do it!

Stopping for a break!
I know I often post lots of pictures of my dogs; I just don't often have anybody else to be in my pictures especially during the week when people are working. No bother though. Dogs are cute. :o)

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  1. Love seeing the dogs! The pictures are awesome as usual! It's such a beautiful place!


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