Monday, July 22, 2013

Looking Back - Packing for an Expat Life

Now that I've been through all of the seasons here, I've been thinking about when I first started packing. I can't really think of too much that I wish I had brought, except that I wish I had done some more winter shopping. I wish I had bought some good wellies and other styles of boots. I wish that I had bought some different coats before coming here. Since moving to Aberdeen, I have used so many different coats. Sometimes it's nice to have a heavy jacket that is waterproof. For evenings out, it's nice to have a heavy coat that just looks... well, nice, like a peacoat. However, during the summer, the peacoat is too hot and so is the heavy coat. That's when I like having a cotton trench coat. Actually, I'd quiet like a leather jacket as well. The weather is so unpredictable here that various coats and shoes are a convenient thing to have. I know that now.

I should have looked into the types of outdoor activities here. I would have gotten hiking/walking shoes. I would have brought a sleeping pad, waterproof trousers, and more shirts that I could layer.

I'm glad I brought:
  • Lots of extra sheets and blankets
  • Lots of soaps and shampoos because it gave me time to find what I like here
  • Board games
  • Extra medicine, especially prescription, as it has taken me a while to figure all of that out 
  • Spices that I like
  • Cookbooks
  • Rugs
  • Little trashcans
  • Extra contacts and other toiletries
  • Our own bed
  • Books

What I Could Have Left
Why? Whhyyyyy did I bring so many short-sleeved shirts? Seriously, I could have brought just one drawer of these and been fine. I wish I had brought fewer coffee cups because I collect them and now I'm running out of room to add more as I travel. The XBOX... I should have just left it. I ended up buying a new one here because of the issues. Just don't bring your gaming consoles. Buy one here. Why did I pack so many pajama pants (trousers)? Oh man... and my DVD's!! I brought so many, and do you know... all we do is watch Netflix? We've been here for 8 months now and still haven't felt the need to buy a DVD player. *Sighs* And why did we pack all of those little things like tiny boxes, 50 million koozies, business cards, old wallets, and the rest of that stuff you throw in the top drawer of your dresser? I know.. you are laughing because I bet you did it too. Steve's infamous words are brought to my mind, "But I might need it!"

I suppose it varies for each person.  How about you?


  1. Totally agree with the coats! We use our PS3 daily and no problems for us. What issues did you have? We gave away half of our house before moving, then when we moved into our London home, gave away another half. Insane how stuff accumulates!

    1. The power supply/brick fried, and I've read that having them plugged into the transformers are not good for them. I bought a new power supply, which was a huge pain because it had to be ordered from the USA. Then, we were having issues with room for plugs. We got tired of having to switch cords to watch Apple TV, play XBOX, or watch TV, so we finally decided to just buy an XBOX here. It was fried the first day we got it! Man I was mad. That's when we realized that it was the outlet we were using. Something was really wrong with it! In the end, it would have just been easier starting with a UK console! LOL

  2. I agree that bringing spices and certain food items has been crucial. I wish I would have brought more appropriate jackets. Before moving, I bought two brand new peacoats that I hardly ever wore because they weren't weather proof. I bought a Barbour jacket once I got here and wear it all the time. I think I now own something like 8 jackets/coats because there seems to be a different occasion to wear each one. Good weather proof boots are another one! I brought 4 pairs of boots with me, but as soon as I went through a winter I realized that none of them were practical for walking on snow/ice.

    1. I think part of the shoe dilemma is that I didn't realize how much walking I'd be doing! Some boots are okay in the snow/ice over short distances. Smooth bottoms are slippery. Rubber seems to work best for me. Snow-trax help! It's nice to have trousers and boots that allow you to tuck your trousers into your boots or your bottoms get all wet. At the same time, it's nice to have boots that you can get on and off fairly easily since people take off their wet boots when they enter another person's home. So much to think about!

      I own several jackets now too! I think I have about 5, and I wear each of them often.


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