Thursday, December 12, 2013

Juan Valdez Coffee, Frenchies, and Holiday Hat Fun

I took the dogs to the park this morning, and we ran into Eddie the Frenchie! I threw the Frisbee, and all the dogs ran after it. Angel got there first, and then Eddie and Frog chased her in circles! Then, Eddie and Angel got into a tug of war match. In the end, Eddie won.

I also tried a new coffee today that Steve's friend, Rodrigo brought us from Columbia. Have you heard of Juan Valdez coffee? It's really nice! You may have to order it on Amazon to find it, but it's worth it in my opinion.

In other news, hats are fun. Silly holiday hats pretty much come with a mandatory requirement to wear them and take pictures. So naturally, Tekara and I being the rule-followers that we are, did just that. The girls in front of us were laughing, and not because they thought we were weird, but because they had just done the same thing! haha

Yes, that IS a turkey.

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