Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Live Music in Aberdeen, Scotland

Now that I've been here for a year, I'm finally starting to find some of those lesser-known locations or those that are just a little off the grid so you don't happen by them every day. One thing Steve and I really enjoy is live music. There are a few places you can go in Aberdeen for this:

O'Neill's in Aberdeen
They have live music every Friday and Saturday. From what I've seen, the bands usually start around 9-9:30 PM.

"From Irish folk to indie and beyond, if there's a sound or scene that gets you going, you're likely to find it here."
Photo from

My stepdad and I!
The Tunnels
It's in a bit of a dodgy-looking location, but worth a visit. These guys don't get enough visibility I think. There are three different rooms, each with a bar. We went there for a charity concert last weekend.

Photo from The Tunnels website
Photo from The Tunnels website
Photo from The Tunnels website

The Globe
They have live music every Friday and Saturday night. It's crammed full of people each time I've been to see the bands. Everybody is having a good time singing and dancing!
Photo from The Globe website

This venue is just below the Malt Mill. There is a full bar and pool tables.
Photo from Downstairs website

Captain Tom's
This is more of a rehearsal/recording studio, but they also host live music events sometimes. You can e-mail them or dig around the website for more information.

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