Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Birthday! - Yorokobi and The Globe

What a great birthday! I went with friends to Yorokobi for sushi and then out to The Globe for some live music. Steve wasn't able to attend because he forgot about his work Christmas party being scheduled that night and had bought a ticket. Unfortunately, he was struck with a terrible virus that gave him a fever of 102°F (39°C) for three days, so he didn't get to go to that either. He is better now. :o)  Special thanks to Ana for some of the pictures.

From left-front to back: Anna, Julia, Doris, Pam, Tekara****From right-front to back: Laura, Ana, Me, Jill, Tash

It's funny to have pictures where people are in the middle of conversations... hehe

You think they are having fun?

Time to open gifts! Such thoughtful friends, aren't they?

When I get too emotional... sometimes I just stick out my tongue to avoid being awkward.. lol

Oh yeah.. I'm like a kid... SO excited

I can't be bothered with pictures just now; I'm trying to learn about Axonite.

Next stop was The Globe for some live music!

CHEESE! Ana and her husband Dan.

Good times. 
Good friends. 
Good memories.

Oh yeah, let's not forget my birthday gift to myself:

Also, Steve took me out the next night when he was feeling better. We went to The Moonfish Cafe. Everything was so good that I couldn't even think about anything else, so I didn't take any pictures. Best. Food. I've. Had. In. Aberdeen.

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