Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Places to eat and a place to live!

Today was another cold day.  It's about 9 PM here and 46 degrees. I don't think it was much warmer than that during the day. We got to sleep in a bit because we were waiting to see if we got the house. Turns out... we got our first pick! We had to offer a bit more because we didn't want their furniture and because we have dogs. At first they thought "bulldog" meant BIG dog. Our agent suggested they "Google" it. In the end, we got it even though there were a couple of other offers and another showing today. Tough market here!

We went to a sandwich shop called DejaVu today. It was very good! I had an Italian panini, and Steve had a seafood sandwich. They were both steamed and tasted so good. I recommend this place for lunch if you visit.

We visited the house after lunch to take lots of pictures and measure spaces so that we can plan what to bring. Here are the pictures I took today. Everything is still pretty dusty because they are still working on some things.
House! They are still painting and restaining doors.

Downstairs guest room
 Downstairs guest room

Downstairs dining/lounge
 Dining/lounge. We are probably going to make this a sitting room.

Living room. I love the big windows.
 Steve measuring walls in the living room.

Kitchen/breakfast area

I love the kitchen.
 Gas range.. finally. :o)

Breakfast area

 Laundry room. They use condensers for dryers. It has a container under it that catches the water from your clothes. You just empty it when it gets full.

Upstairs guest room in back of house

Upstairs guest room in front of house. This will be Steve's drum room.

Part of master bathroom

 View of master bathroom with double closets on each side

Master bedroom view of windows. Steve was measuring the walls. :o)

We love the house. Steve is a little worried about where he will put some of his stuff such as his kick bag, but I think it will be fine. The house is in a nice neighborhood with lots of little shops within walking distance. There are coffee shops, a cheese shop, butcher shop, and lots of other little stores and markets.

So tonight we ate Thai food for dinner. The restaurant was called Sabai. Best for special occasions because it was a bit pricey, but very tasty.


  1. Well done! The place looks cute! What are you going to do if HH picks you up?

  2. The house looks really cute, can't wait to come visit!!

  3. Thanks. We'll look at some houses and "pretend". Lots do that so that they can turn out episodes on time. :o)

  4. The house is beautiful!!! Xoxo!!! <3 ToniMarie Capo


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