Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cluj, Romania - City views

A couple of weeks ago, Steve and I met our friends, Dan and Ana, in Romania for some fun. Our first day was spent in Cluj, the capital of Transylvania, where they used to live.

They took us to a cafe for lunch. We had Varza a la Cluj, which is a dish made with seasoned cabbage mixed with minced meat and served with smoked pork. It was yummy!

 Then, we took a walk around town.

This is part of the original wall that used to surround the city.
 We took a short climb up a hill to get a view of the city from above!
 Colorful isn't it?

Dan decided to photo bomb the picture!

And here we are laughing at him!

Here is the menu from dinner. The current page lists the types of pălincă. It's their popular liquor made from fermented fruit.

Thanks to Dan and Ana for taking us around town!

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