Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scottish Referendum - Opinions Around the City - In Pictures

As many of you know, today voting polls across Scotland have opened to decide the future of Scotland and the UK. Will Scotland become an independent country? We'll know tomorrow. However, I'm not here to discuss my opinions. I did not grow up in Scotland, and I don't feel like living here for 2 years really qualifies me to have an in-depth discussion about the topic. What I would like to do is to provide a look around the city for those who don't live in Scotland. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well enough to walk downtown where some of the tents and more vocal advocators are set up. I took pictures as I encountered things and kept the ones that were decent (not blurry, easy to read, not loads of people in them, not crooked..etc.), so any pattern you may think you see... does not exist. :o)   Enjoy.

In windows

We always get stuff in the mail.

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