Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why me?


My belt test is in less than a week, and I have managed to get sore hips (got kicked), a sliced finger tip (stupid knife won't slice an onion but will slice a finger), and a COLD. I think I hit the bone with the sliced finger. I suppose that was better than slicing the skin right off (Too much? Sorry.). I've been keeping it clean, sterilized, and closed with butterfly strips. I need to use my fingers during my test. I also need to breathe, but it's not looking good. I get more and more stopped up each day. I've been taking Echinicea. It's supposed to be a natural way to fight colds.

I can't exactly go to training doped up on Sudafed! Cross your fingers, and send prayers and positive thoughts my way please! I'll need it for my test on Sunday!

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