Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Poor Kindle Screen Looks Like...

...somebody smudged the ink across the top half. I tried to reset the device. You just hold down the power button (or slide and hold) for 20 seconds until the screen goes off, and then you hold it a bit longer. When you let go, the start-up screen should come on. That didn't work. I tried changing the settings so that the screen would refresh each time I turned the page. That didn't work.

Finally, I called Amazon. Actually, I clicked on "Contact Us" on the website, highlighted my device, entered my phone number, and clicked "Call Me Now" on the screen. My phone rang immediately. Fabulous! Unfortunately, my device is out of warranty, but they e-mailed me a list of options with discounted prices included as long as I return the broken device using pre-paid postage that they also e-mailed me. What great service! Because you choose your device on their website before contacting them, they can easily setup a return and replacement. Then, they just ask which card on your account to use, charge it while you are on the phone, and you're done! It was so easy. I should have a new Kindle by Friday. I just have to pop the old one in the post tomorrow.

Thank you Amazon for the wonderful customer service.

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