Friday, November 7, 2014

Phrases - Houston Vs. Scotland

Since moving to Aberdeen, I've learned that some of the phrases I used back home are not understood at all here, or they are not as easily understood as using local phrases. Sometimes my friends/family give me a hard time or giggle when I say things as they are said here, and I always tell them, "Sorry! I've gotten used to saying it this way so that I'm better understood!" Here are some of the phrases we use most often (Both sides may find this very helpful.):

Houston: "Could you take out the trash?"
Aberdeen: "Could you take out the bin?"

Houston: "Is this for here or to go?"
Aberdeen: "Sit in or take away?"

Houston: "I'd like to make a reservation for seven at 5:30."
Aberdeen: "I'd like to book a table for seven at half five."

Houston: "Where is the bathroom?
Aberdeen: "Where is the toilet?"

Houston: "I jammed my finger."
Aberdeen: "I staved my finger." (This may not be a common phrase to you, but for us it is!)

Houston: "How do you like Scotland?"
Aberdeen: "How are you finding Scotland?" (The first time somebody asked me this, I thought they were asking about my ability to navigate. hehe)

Houston: "I'll call you tomorrow."
Aberdeen: "I'll phone you tomorrow."

Houston: "No problem."
Aberdeen: "No worries."

Houston: "Give me a few minutes."
Aberdeen: "Two seconds, please."

Houston: "Did you figure it out?"
Aberdeen: "Did you get it sorted?"

Houston: "Knock on wood." (When you don't want to jinx yourself!)
Aberdeen: "Touch wood."

Houston: "What's your last name?" (Like when you show up with a reservation.)
Aberdeen: "Surname please."

Houston: "Watch your step."
Aberdeen: "Mind your step."

Houston: "Do you want salt on your popcorn?"
Aberdeen: "Do you want your popcorn sweet or salty?" (Sweet OR salty? Awesome choice. I had to add this one in because I'd never been asked that at the theater before moving here.)

Houston: "Bring a dinner dish or a dessert!"
Aberdeen: "Bring something savory or sweet!"

Houston: "How have you been?"
Aberdeen: "How are you keeping?"

Houston: "Is this the line?"
Aberdeen: "Is this the queue?"

Maybe this has just brought greater clarity to your life (insert grin). There are loads of words for things that differ between the countries, but for this post I wanted to stick to the things we say most often instead of giving you an exhaustive list of words such as carriageway, crisps, boot, bonnet, knackered, etc,...I'm sure some readers have additional phrases that they use often (feel free to post them as long as they are clean). I will likely think of more when I go to bed later. :)

Maybe I'll compile individual words for my next post!

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