Thursday, November 6, 2014

Times when I wish I was back in Texas

Most of the time when people ask if I like living here, my answer is "Absolutely," or if I'm ready to go back to Texas, my answer is "Not really." Today, however, I feel differently. I was talking to my mom on the phone, and she's having a pretty stressful week. I wanted so badly to offer to come for the weekend or for a week just to help for a while. That's not possible from here. It's so expensive. I don't want to leave my husband during the holidays (he can't leave just now), and we have the dogs. If I were back in Houston, I could easily load everybody into the car and drive to my mom's house.

Photos from the last time I was with my parents (and my cousin, Michael who is coming to visit soon!) at Christmas.

 Or when I hear her talk about my sisters being in band. I'm missing all of that. I don't get to be a part of the crowd watching them perform and cheering them on. I only get to see short video clips. Technology really can be a blessing.

I'm not unhappy here. I love it here. I wish we could stay! But I also love my family and want to be there for them. It's a bitter sweet lifestyle -- living abroad or going home -- on both sides.

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