Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Great day with dogs and positive dog people

Today I took Frog with Angel and I to the park. I don't always take him because he grinds his nails to the point of bleeding due to the way he walks on the pavement, and he tends to behave very badly around other dogs. He runs in circles barking at them until he starts a fight. On our way there today, I ran into a woman that I've seen other times with her English bulldog. Frog, as predicted, started lunging and barking, which sent Angel into fits as she tried to control everything.

The woman asked me about Frog, saying that she knew Angel but not him. I told her, "Now you know why."

We decided to let him off lead at the park. He was PERFECT. He ran and played with the bulldog, and he even completely submitted to him. They ran and played, and if Frog got too excited, Marcus (the English Bulldog) would pin him down until Frog was still and calm. I have NEVER seen another dog with the ability to subdue Frog. I think that dog and the other owners being so calm and assertive was really helpful. Frog tried to run away a few times to see other people or dogs, but he came back as soon as I called him. That almost never happens! He usually ignores me.

So if you are a dog owner, let this be a lesson to you! Your energy and behavior may not just affect your own dog. It will likely affect other dogs as well. Keep calm and let dogs be dogs! I'm so grateful to the ladies I met today for being patient, calm, and assertive with their dogs and mine.

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