Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When I start feeling sad

It's great nights like this that I start feeling sad. We went out tonight to celebrate Julia's birthday. Great fun! Really! But...
I look across the table at my girl friends and can barely focus on what they are saying. All I can think about sometimes as I look at them is that I have such limited time left to enjoy their company. I memorize smiles, laughter, and the places. An expat life is such a blessing, but can be so sad. We will be moving back to Texas soon. I'm so happy to see friends and family in Texas, but I'm also so sad to leave friends and people who have become family. Bitter sweet. I understand the meaning more now than ever. I have wonderful friends who moved to different states apart from me, but it's totally different to be countries apart. Although, I have to say that some of the friendships I've made here will never end. I now have reasons (outside of Texas) to visit Aberdeen again along with St. Johns (Newfoundland), Oregon, New England, Arizona, Oman, England, Poland, and Dubai. If I forgot anybody, I apologize. I cherish you all. :)

What a blessed life.

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