Monday, October 20, 2014

Culture Cafe in Aberdeen

I know I've probably written about this already, but I'd like to mention it again. Culture Cafe (link to tickets and info) is an event held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Music Hall.

For only £12 you get soup and a sandwich in the cafe, which is really nice inside, and you get a one hour performance/reading from an artist or writer.

Maybe it doesn't sound like your thing, but I think that stuff like this is an important and unfortunately dying culture. I'd hate to see it cancelled (last week's attendance was a bit low). Take your kids. Go during lunch! I think it's important to stimulate our brains in different ways. Last week we heard a flautist (flute player) and a pianist. It was the best I've heard! The flute was so (and surprisingly) exciting! No joke. He made sounds come out of that flute that I didn't know were possible. It was great!

The inside of the Music Hall is beautiful too. I still stop to take pictures and just enjoy it each time I go through the front door.
Queen Victoria

Dome ceilings

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