Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When it rains...Have some whisky!

Yesterday, my friend Kate and I decided to go on a day trip. Unfortunately for us, it was pouring rain and VERY windy. Unfortunately, for Kate, I didn't care. We bundled up and hit the road. First stop: Glendronach Distillery (pronounced "Glen-drawn-uk"). I didn't take many pictures because I have been there (blog link), but this time I got to do something new! I bottled and signed my own whisky. It's yummy!

 Next stop: Huntly Castle
 This is just the entrance, which I think might be part of the school now?

 We didn't go in because the rain and high winds would have made it slippery and unpleasant. At least we got to see the castle. :)

 eeek!! Cold! Wet! hehe :)

If you let the weather in Scotland keep you in the house, you may never leave home. Bundle up and get going!

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