Friday, January 11, 2013

Converters and Microfilters used in Aberdeen

Last night I was up until 4 AM. Oops. I was reading a book and needed to know what would happen! However, that caused me to wake up late, which then caused me to get to the Mahjong party late! At least I got to play one round. It's such a fun game!

When I got home, I cleaned, washed the laundry, washed dishes, relaxed with some tea, and then took Angel for a run. I decided to use the MapMyRun app downloaded on my mobile. Angel and I ran 1.9 miles. Not bad for a little Frenchbo. She only did a little snorting. She's so cute. She passed out on the rug right after eating her dinner.

Anyway, I thought I'd tell you about a couple of items you will need in your home if you move here.


You will need a microfilter for every phone in your house. Apparently, this little device stops your connection from being disrupted by other devices connected to the same line. So if you want to use your broadband internet and talk on the phone, you'll need a microfilter or you'll hear static/noise through the phone line.

The microfilter is that little white box between the phone socket and our Sky modem.


If you bring your own TV into Scotland from the US, you will possibly need two types of converters. One is a video converter that converts the television signal format. The United States uses NTSC (National Television Standards Committee), but the United Kingdom uses PAL (Phase Alternating Line). Want to know more? It's actually pretty interesting. Click

Another thing you may need is a current converter. Scotland is on a system that has an output of 240 volts, but in the US voltage is about 120 volts and allows a range of 114 to 126 volts. Some electronics and appliances will say on them that they can use 110-240 V. Unfortunately, our TV was not one of them. If you buy a converter, pay attention to the output voltage, because if you plug in something that uses more, or if you plug in too many things in a power strip so that it adds up to more, you may kill your converter!

Hope you enjoyed your science lesson! Cheers!

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