Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mickey's Dining Car, Streaky Bacon, Och Wheesht and get oan wae it

Today we went to the bank to try to get me on the account again. No workie. We took the TV license, cell phone bill, student loan bill, passport, and visa. It still wasn't the right documentation for them. Now we have to try to get a US credit card bill sent directly here. I'm frustrated, so I'll spend this blog talking about random fun things.

A few days ago, Steve and I were watching The Mighty Ducks. Remember that movie? It's so great. Anyway, this showed up on the screen! My grandma and I ate here when she came to visit in Minnesota. Remember this Grandma? Anybody else ever visit this place? It's greasy goodness, and they have those thin cut chips (french fries)!

I found the type of bacon we get in the US. Here, they call it "Streaky bacon."

Want a good souvenir when you visit Scotland? Get this little book for about £5. It is full of Scottish jokes, Doric proverbs, and famous quotes. Fantastic.

Thanks to Christina for a great going away gift! We are using it well. If you like to drink wine, even if just a little, this is a wonderful idea for storing corks (especially if you want to save them to make something or to donate for reuse)!

Lastly, I'd like to offer some encouragement to all aspiring cooks out there. Don't be afraid to try something new. I post interesting things all the time that I've cooked using cookbooks, and I usually do pretty well (except with baking, we won't go there now). Don't let the fear of messing it up discourage you, even the best of us will burn the simplest dishes sometimes (insert sigh).

Would anybody else like to chime in on a cooking disaster that should have been brainless....such as nachos? haha. Come on! Be an encouragement to others. :o)  Can't figure out how to leave a comment? Try clicking on "No Comments", and that should work.

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  1. Glad you found the streaky bacon! Couldn't live without that. :)


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