Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kirkhill Forest Walk and an Angry Boiler

I woke up COLD. I ran downstairs to check the heat schedule. The light was on. Yep, it will heat up any minute. Any minute. Maybe I'll just go lean on the radiator. Why is this thing so cold? I ran upstairs. Yep, this one's cold too. I looked in the cupboard at the boiler. The light was blinking....F....1...F....1. What does F1 mean? I ran back downstairs to get the instructions out of the drawer. 'F1 - Refer to block 63.... Loss of water pressure. Turn the valves so that the tank fills up with water.' Valves? Which valves??? There are about 5 of them! What if I shut off the water? What if I turn off the gas, and the pilot light goes out? How will I light that? What if I flood the house? Worthless book. 'Technical Solutions... Low water pressure... Refer to block 47. Please give this instruction manual to owner and explain process for filling up tank.' Seriously? Marvelous. That's very helpful.

I told myself that I'd have to deal with it later. I was meeting my friend Pam at the Tree House for coffee before heading to Kirkhill Forest for a walkabout with the AWA ladies. Kirkhill Forest was so nice. It's a pretty easy walk if you stick to the white trail so I highly recommend it for people of all ages. :o)

While walking, my landlord called to explain how to refill the boiler. When I got home, I gave it a try, happened to turn the right lever, and it filled up! The radiators and the heat are back. Hoooraay!

Steve and I watched a Kung Fu class today. It's a style called Hung Ga. We are going to try it later this week. The Sifu seems really great. Wish us luck!

And in other news, my cousin's first single was released on iTunes. I'm not just saying this because he's my cousin (I work to be an objective person), but it's a really great song. You can preview it, and then when you see that you too love it, you can buy it. :o)  Cheers and of course, you'll have to let me know what you think when you listen.


  1. That same thing happened to us when we got back from Italy. Our house was so cold that there was ice on our windows. I called my landlord in a panic but it turned out to be a pretty easy fix. Apparently it happens quite a lot so I had Jonathan teach me how to reset it in case it happens while he's away.

    I love Kirkhill forest! That might be a good place to take the little doggies one sunny day.

  2. The Forest is pretty awesome looking! Cant wait to come visit someday! Goodlooking cousin you have there too! LOL Miss you! Stacy


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