Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Scottish grocery shopping and one thing I like about my house

Well, I have to say that those whisky mac cream treats were WAY too rich. They are yummy only until about half-way through eating, and then they become too much. It gave me a stomach ache. Stick to the whisky mac. Forget the cream.

We went grocery shopping today, and I tried to take some more pictures for you all. The grocery store was picked clean! It was like shopping in Texas after a freeze/snow warning or a hurricane warning. We couldn't find many of the things on my list. We couldn't find Marsala sauce. I couldn't even find cooking wines! There were oils and vinegars, but no cooking wines. Here are some things that we did find.

You can get fish and for free, you can get different flavored butter to cook the fish in!

This was the best I could find for tortilla chips. Do they have this flavor in the States?

I'll let you know if this is good. I've never found beans in a chili sauce before now! Sounds good.

Just for fun:

One of the things I love about my house is the heated towel racks. They warm the bathroom and your towels!


  1. Maybe those beans are like ranch style beans? They are kind of in a chili sauce... L

    1. The sauce was sort of similar to that, but more bland...


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