Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pubs and Grub in Aberdeen... plus The Cupid Shuffle

"He who does not mind his belly will hardly mind anything else."
-Samuel Johnson- 

Very true. And sometimes my belly wants chips. 
Yesterday was a good day. I cooked stir fry with boiled rice and steamed vegetables, and then Steve and I went out with a couple of new friends. We met them at The Monkey House. It's a pretty neat place. Here is their Facebook page. I've been twice. I like it. It's got a good atmosphere, and it's in a nice location. While we were there, they played The Cupid Shuffle. We Americans were excited and dancing. Those who are from the UK thought we were nuts. I guess it's not a very popular song here, or at least the dance isn't. They play it at almost every wedding back in the States. It's so fun. Check it out!

From there we went to The Grill. It is one of the oldest pubs in Aberdeen. It originally started as a restaurant in 1870! When it was first converted to a pub, it was for men only. They just installed a restroom for women in the last few years! In fact, I'm not sure that some men realize it yet. I was waiting on the stairs with another woman for the restroom. We were chatting and when the door finally opened, a man walked out! The woman next to me looked at him, looked at me, and then yelled, "HEY!" He just looked at us and walked out. Ha...and gross.
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After checking out the scene at a few different places, we went for chips (french fries) at The Dolphin Fish and Chip Shop on Chapel Street. The chips were good! They put salt and vinegar on them. Yum! Steve ate a mince pie. He said it was not good, so if you go there, stick to the chips. After getting our chips, we went next door to the kebab shop, Efes, because one of our friends wasn't too fond of chips. The kebabs were excellent! I recommend it as well.

Today was a lazy day. I got up and made breakfast. Steve slept in. Angel and I went running again. We only ran 1.76 miles tonight because it was cold and sprinkling. At least we got up and moving though. I'm trying to make sure that I'm moving every day at least for an hour, even if it's just stretching and an ab workout.

Just for fun:

I really enjoy the way they write the weather here. It's so cheery sounding even when the weather isn't so.  From BBC weather - Aberdeen:

Forecast Summary

  • Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday

    A few light snow flurries in the east on Tuesday and Wednesday otherwise dry and bright. Mainly dry and very cold with bright or sunny spells on Thursday.

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