Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Deep Fried Mars Bar and What Mars Has to Say

The deep fried Mars bar is something we hear about almost every time we talk to somebody about Stonehaven. While we were there for the Fireball Ceremony, I decided to try one of these.
I didn't like it. It was REALLY sticky. It felt like my teeth were being cemented together. Everyone at the table who tried it had the same reaction. HAHA. You know it. You start smacking and stretching your mouth open wide because everything is sticking together.

To each his own, but this was not for me. On a funnier note, I found an article with a statement from Mars, who had written to the restaurant about improperly using their product name. You'll love it.

"For two decades, it has been a firm favourite of tourists and peckish schoolboys. But it seems the deep-fried Mars Bar is not so popular with the firm behind its key ingredient. 

Confectionery giant Mars has written to the Scottish chip shop which created the calorific snack asking them to make clear on their menu that is not ‘authorised or endorsed’ by the company – because it does not meet its ‘healthy’ image.

The letter says Mars is ‘flattered’ that the Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven has chosen to feature its chocolate bar, but adds: ‘As you may know, we have recently reduced the saturated fat level in our Mars Bar recipe. Deep frying our Mars Bar product, of course, counters this significantly.’.....


Hahahaha... "healthy" image... HA. Please.

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