Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Garden Centers in/around Aberdeen

Let me tell you something... garden centers in this area are AMAZING. Along with your typical garden center needs, places around here also sell a large variety of home decor, specialty foods, kitchen gadgets, clothes, shoes, and other fun finds. They also have restaurants in them. I'm not talking about expensive place like what Bass Pro has. These are simple, lovely, and can be visited just for a cup of tea or coffee if that's all you. As if I need another reason to stay longer at one of these places.

New Park Farm, Whitemyres, Lang Stracht, AberdeenAB15 6XH
Dobbies has plants, gardening necessities, gifts, specialty foods, and a restaurant. Their bakery makes fresh cakes, scones, and breads every day. They also have a local master butcher. They carry local meats, cheeses, and produce. The restaurant is a cafeteria-style place where you grab a tray and grab what you fancy. You can order as well. There is plenty of parking and some bus stops nearby, so go have a look! They are open 9:00AM - 6PM. The restaurant closes at 5:30PM.
From: www.dobbies.com

Drumoak, Banchory, Aberdeenshire AB31 5AN, United Kingdom
Open 9AM - 5:30 PM.
"The Mains of Drum is a family owned garden centre situated in the heart of Royal Deeside on the main tourist route to Braemar and Balmoral Castle.

A state of the art shopping destination surrounded by landscaped grounds and stunning views it is an ideal place to shop and relax. Catering for individuals and families, from young to old, The Mains of Drum stock an extensive range of garden plants, gardening sundries, gardening tools,  gifts, bird & petcare and outdoor furniture." -From: http://www.mainsofdrum.co.uk/

Here are a couple of snapshots I took tonight:

Some other interesting facts about this place that may convince you to visit come from the environmental section of their website. How often do you look for this information about a company?
Check this out:

"• We source as many of our products as possible from local suppliers thus reducing our “product miles” and supporting Scottish jobs.

• Our enormous, underground 80,000 L water tank collects rain and run-off water which we then filter and re-use to irrigate our plants as well as flush the toilets.

• In the first instance we reduce the amount of packaging/wastage, we then re-use materials wherever possible be it cardboard boxes, plant pots or bubble wrap. If we cannot re-use it, we recycle it; we currently recycle paper, card, glass, printer cartridges and food waste from the restaurant. All our used vegetable oil is recycled into biodiesel and industrial hand soap. Only as a last resort does it go in the bin."

Raemoir Road, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, AB31 4EJ
About Raemoir
"Welcome to the best garden centre in the North East for gardeners and budding gardeners. We're situated in beautiful Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland, minutes from the town of Banchory.  We sell seeds, bulbs, shrubs, trees and specimen plants, garden tools and garden wear, pots, decorative stoneware and fencing products. We sell a wide range of goods for the indoor gardener, wild bird and pet care products and a great range of outdoor furniture and accessories.  Find unique accessories, jewellery and cards in the Gift Shop or relax in the Restaurant while the kids play in the outdoor play area. "
From: Raemoir Garden Centre Website
I really love this place! They have so much neat stuff, and the selection of food items available is simply marvelous. They are open daily from 9AM - 6PM. Again, their restaurant is cafeteria-style. Want an amazing dessert? They have plenty. They also sell Hunter wellies here. If you're heading to Banchory to hike Clanchnaben or Scolty Hill, or maybe headed to Crathes Castle, plan a stop by Raemoir for breakfast or lunch and have a look! You'll love it too. Here is a glimpse at their environmental policy if you are interested:

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