Thursday, January 30, 2014

Expat life is like reading books

Our lives are stories. Just like stories in most books, we have many chapters. We group these chapters together to form books. When I'm reading a great book and come to the end, I'm always disappointed. I feel like I've been cheated. Perhaps I had this building anticipation that needed to be satiated. Perhaps I became attached to the characters and feel like I've experienced the death of a friend. Perhaps I never received the closure I felt was needed.

Expat life is like reading books. Like the great books you discover, you find so many great people, but also like these books, your time with them will come to a close. Like books, you put them away and occasionally talk about something you remembered from them. Like books, you occasionally look at their pictures and titles, and you keep in touch by remembering those great stories. I went to three leaving-do's this past week. Three stories written in my life that are being closed...

Bon Accord Teresa.

Bon Accord Julia.

Bon Accord Falene.

I look forward to reading the next books of your lives until our stories merge again.

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