Friday, January 31, 2014

Spice Shop in Aberdeen and a Yummy Mango Recipe

Looking for spices in Aberdeen? I have the place for you! Fair Deal Food City. Here is the address:
2 Powis Place, Aberdeen AB25 3TX, United Kingdom. Beware though. If you put the address into Google Maps, it takes you to George Street. Yahoo Maps got it right.
When you get there, you'll need to go around to the back for the entrance. There is a small car park if you drive there.
Front of building

Entrance in the back
We found some harder to find spices such as Hing and the supposedly yummy (says Andrew Zimmerman) Thai Chili Sauce (Photos from Google Images):

Just For Fun:
I was at Nature's Larder a couple of days ago, and Alan, the owner gave me some dried mango. He told me to put it in soy milk with some cinnamon. I was a bit skeptical but I gave it a try:

I let it sit overnight per his instructions. They were so good! Give it a try. Yum!

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