Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tenerife Preview

Last year we spent the week of Christmas in St. Andrews and in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Click to enlarge photos.)

This year we decided to migrate to warmer temperatures. We managed to land in Tenerife after a 3 hour bus ride, an overnight stay in Glasgow, and a 4 hour flight. Where is Tenerife? Well, it's part of the chain of Canary Islands off the west coast of northern Africa, and it's owned by Spain.

Steve is using the SlingBox tonight to watch football, so I can't access my pictures on the computer. Instead of a full post tonight, I'll just post some pictures from my Samsung Galaxy S3 as a preview. Enjoy!

Where we stayed: Sandos San Blas Nature Reserve and Golf

View from our balcony. We could see the ocean, but the reflection of light is too much to see it with the camera.

Steve picked up a banana for me. He said, "Kristal, I was looking through the bananas and found this one that was mutated. I thought it was a special one to give you because it's unique. I took one look at this thing and thought, "Yeah right. I'm sure that's what you really thought." ;)

Mt. Tiede site of last eruption.

Mt. Tiede site of last eruption.
Mt. Tiede Peak. 12,200 feet (3,718 metres)

Coming DOWN to cloud level. :o)

I know there is a bad reflection, but try to see past it to what I was gawking at outside my bus window. What a beautiful island, Tenerife. This was taken near Masca.

Los Gigantes. Amazing right?
What a blessing this life has been. Even through the many difficult times we've encountered (Seriously, I can't think of many things that have run smoothly or been easy for us)... the frequency of times we've taken 2 steps forward only to take 3 steps back (ex: I had food poisoning the first 4 days of this trip, and FedEx screwed up a VERY important one day delivery of legal documents that had us e-mailing people from Tenerife because it took 5 days!)... the black cloud that many people say follows us around due to our extreme bad luck (another example: $30,000 spent in one summer when the A/C and water heater went out at the same time... I broke BOTH hands, and 1 month later Steve broke his finger, which then required surgery!)... EVEN THEN... We've been given the strength, determination, and encouragement from God to overcome those obstacles and see some marvelous things along the way. Marvelous.


  1. Your positive attitude is always inspiring. I hope you had a marvelous trip despite the hiccups. Food poisoning? That is the worst:(

  2. Thanks Laine. I try to be positive most days, but man does it take practice! :o)


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