Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Review - The Fever Series by Karen Moning

I love reading so I thought I could take some time now and then to tell you about the books I've read. 

I really like this series. It's full of twists and turns. This series is about a young woman from Georgia who is relatively carefree and wrapped up in her world of music, clothes, and nail polish until the day she learns that her sister was murdered while studying in Dublin. Unsatisfied by the investigation, she decides to fly to Ireland to investigate on her own. Once in Ireland, she is swept into the magical and often brutal world of the Fae, learns she is a Sidhe-seer, and meets the irresistible and mysterious Jericho Barrons. The first book begins a bit slowly, but it's necessary to build the story and characters. Keep reading!

Afterwards, Moning keeps you constantly guessing. I can't tell who is "good" and who is "bad" even though I'm now on the fourth book! I wondered for a long time who was who. Where they who they said there were? Were they something worse or something greater? Moning keeps her lead character real. I appreciate that. Mac makes mistakes and bad choices. You want to scream at her sometimes for being so dumb, but then in the next chapter you can't help but think, 'Yeah, I would have done the same thing.' From death-by-sex Fae to the Sidhe-seer secret organization and many more questionable characters (Human? Fae? Vampire? Something else?), this series throws something new and exciting at you with every turn of the page. Moning is imaginative. She takes you to different worlds and dimensions. She links her characters but keeps you wondering HOW they are linked. Moreover, her descriptions of Mac's encounters with the death-by-sex Fae V'lane make you feel like you are there. That's right ladies. Get ready.

The Fever series will make you stay up late reading because" (A) You must know if there is something between Mac and a character, (B) you have to know if Mac will survive this, (C) the things happening are so awful that you can't possibly sleep until you have closure, or (D) you refuse to believe the current evidence and need further information. This series is a freakin' awesome roller coaster ride of emotions and revelations. Again, I haven't even finished the series yet (I'm reading DreamFever)!

I will say one other negative. In ShadowFever, the story takes a tangent sometimes to follow the life of another character. Personally, I find Mac's story so gripping that the diversion into anther person's life is more frustrating than supplemental. I don't like to fall in love with one story and then be tossed into a side story. I know this seems to be a popular thing lately, but I personally am not a fan.

FYI. Also, to each his own, but I would not recommend this series for anybody under the age of 16. For some, depending on the person, perhaps not for those under the age of 17-18. There are sexual scenes involving crass language, rape, and other violence. You know your children. You know yourself.

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