Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rome - Our guidemap, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Castel S. Angelo, and the Mausoleum of Augustus

Many of the discoveries of this day can be credited to an awesome map I bought. The fact that I have things labeled and knew what they were, was also due to the map. It listed landmarks and gave information about them! Thank you MapEasy's Guidemap to Rome.

Column of Marcus erected in AD 180

You just don't see work produced like this anymore..

This was a fantastic place for coffee! Just cram yourself in with the locals and push your way to great espresso!

 For lunch we went to a great place called Il Delfino. You grab a tray and tell the very friendly staff what you would like for lunch. The sandwiches are yummy. Steve said the hot dog was good too! This is a really good low-cost place to have some comfort food.

 The Pantheon

Building started in AD 128! It's very crowded there. Avoid the people trying to get you to take pictures with them. They want you to pay them. Just tell them "no," and if they try to dress you up in their props, give it back! They really harass you if you give them the slightest hesitation.

Here is a tiny peak inside. I don't want to completely ruin it for you.

Piazza Navona

I feel like this is a must see. It's a great place for pictures, fun street performers, and cheap art if you are interested. Underneath the Piazza Navona are the remains of the Stadium of Domitian. You can see a part of it from the north side of of the piazza. I've read that you just peer over some railing there. We didn't know about it until after we visited, so we didn't see it!

This guy was great. Totally worth the Euro I gave him. :)
It drove me crazy that those people were selling their junk everywhere. They were always in the way of great picture spots.

Castel S. Angelo

View of Ponte S. Angelo

Originally housed the National Courts of Law

 Mausoleum of Augustus

 You weren't allowed inside, so I tried to get a couple of pictures through the fence!

 Piazza del Popolo

Symmetrical churches. Cool.
Michael Jackson is everywhere.

For dinner we ate at Gusto near the Mausoleum. The food was really good and reasonably priced. I had a truffle burger that was delicious! We ended the night with another trip to the Trevi Fountain. Chris and Angela wanted to do the coin toss. :)

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