Friday, April 4, 2014

Florence - Day 1 - Gelato, Ponte Vecchio, and Piazzale Michelangelo

First, I have to write that I despise YouTube's new copyright rules. I really enjoy putting music on my slideshows. I understand that an artist needs to be paid and doesn't want their music out there for free, but it still annoys me that I can't share some good picture slideshows that include fun music with family and friends. I would also like to remind you all that I am NOT a composer, and therefore cannot come up with something... eh... kind to your ears.. on my own. Ugh. Now that I've gotten that out. Here is a slideshow, with YouTube approved music...wah wah blah blah.. (I had to search for HOURS to find something that wasn't absolutely ridiculous or incredibly SLOW). I stuck to it because slideshows take up less space than 40 pictures. Although, I will post a few of my favorites first.

The BEST gelato we found and frequented was at Gelateria Santa Trinita next to the St. Trinity Bridge. St. Trinity Bridge also is where I took pictures of the Ponte Vecchio. Thanks Debbie for the recommendation!
Top of Piazzale Michelango! Lots of steps but worth the walk. 

Ponte Vecchio

And now the slideshow:

The pizza place we went to was Trattoria Borgo Antico. It's just around the corner from the gelato place, Gelateria Santa Trinita, so you can easily plan lunch and dessert! I recommend the pizza over the calzone.

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  1. You're welcome :) Looks like a great time!!! Now, I want to stuff my face with gelato :(


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