Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cardhu Distillery Tour

A couple of weeks ago, one of the AWA ladies organized a tour of the Cardhu Distillery. We took a bus, had a VIP tasting experience, and then headed to Taste of Speyside for another whisky tasting and dinner!

Tea and Coffee first.
Vicki is smelling the barley

Tekara and Chris

Notice the little lion in the crack? He moves around at night and appears in a different spot the next day.

Me signing the guest book.
At the end of the tour, we tasted 5 types of whisky: white lightening, 12 yrs., 15 yrs., 18 yrs., and the special reserve.

Last tasting in the library.
Tekara being silly. No, she was not really drinking. :)

A little something for our tour guides.
And.... tada!! More highland cows!

 Taste of Speyside in Dufftown

Our whisky guide.
Below is a picture of the whisky we tasted and a whisky thief's best friend... the "dog". That metal tube is weighted at the bottom. A string/chain was tied to the loops at the top, and it could be lowered into a cask of whisky. Once filled and capped, it was easily slipped into the trousers of the owner...who then smuggled the near pint of whisky out of the distillery. The owner of Taste of Speyside told me that many of these were found in barrels due to their owner having to abandon the process when somebody was coming!

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