Thursday, April 10, 2014

Protein drinks and energy tablets

So I've been in the intermediate class in Kung Fu for a couple of months now. I've been trying to run at least once a week as well. I find that my legs just can't keep up with that much work. I started having trouble in class with fatigue. About halfway through the workout I was getting cold sweats, and feeling lightheaded and nauseated. My legs were always shaky or felt like bags of sand while running. I needed help. I have tried a couple of different protein mixes. I tried the Whey Protein from Holland and Barrett. It was too sweet. It also gave me nightmares after drinking it. I tried another brand from Sainsbury's. It didn't help at all and required WAY too much milk (300 ml). I went to Nature's Larder on Holburn Street to talk to the owner, Alan. I told him about my issues. He gave me GlucoTabs (no caffeine) and told me to take them 10-15 minutes before my workout to keep my glucose levels high enough to keep me from feeling feint and weak during Kung Fu.
They really worked! I've been taking them for about 2 weeks, and I feel great during my workout now! For muscle repair, he gave me soya protein to mix with rice-coconut milk. It's all dairy free and really yummy! My first week on it has been pretty good. I feel like I probably need to give it a bit more time to say for sure. I can tell you that it tastes good!

Hope this was helpful to somebody out there! :o)  Took a lot of trial and error for me.

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