Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Florence - Your Personal Italy Tour of the Chianti Region

Your Personal Italy ( was a marvelous experience. It cost €500 for the four of us, and it was worth every bit! Our first stop was a US War Memorial... in Italy. Very cool.

 The village of Montefioralle

I know... we're precious.

Falorni butcher shop in Greve

The original butcher block!

We tasted yummy prosciutto and wild boar salami!


 Montagliari Winery


We got to taste wine, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar!

Balsamic vinegar casks. It takes 15-20 years to make a good balsamic vinegar.

Lovely drive!

 Casa Emma Winery


On the Road Again

Last Tasting

 Dinner At Il Latini

 Some of our friends from Aberdeen arrived in Florence that night! Since it was Chris and Angela's anniversary, we decided to meet up with Shuo, Nicky, and their son, Taylor. We had such a great time. I highly recommend this place. There was so much food, and it was delicious!
This platter of meat came after 4 appetizers and 3 giant plates of pasta that were shared! It has steak, beef ribs, pork, wild boar, rabbit, and veal!
Dessert number 1.

Dessert number two - Dessert wine and biscotti
Dessert number 3 - bubbly
And of course at the end, there was Lemoncello!

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