Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dej, Romania for a BBQ

Here are pictures from our last day in Romania! We drove to Dej for a BBQ with Ana's family. We had a really good time, and the food was so good! It reminded me of being home with my family for a BBQ, which was really nice to do since Steve and I haven't been home in almost a year.

I really enjoyed the views on the drive. Usually, I'm the driver so it was nice to be able to look around and take pictures!

See the haystack? They were huge, and I liked the shape of them!

Nesting cranes in their giant nest on the pole to the right. See?
We stopped at the butcher to pick up the goods!
 For breakfast: fruit, berries, cheese, pate, and slanina with some blueberry booze. :) Let's get this BBQ started right!
 Time to BBQ!

Ana and her Dad

Me with Ana's Dad!

Steve pretending to BBQ. hehe.

Photo bomb!

Dan and Ana

Steve and I enjoying the food!

We had such a great time! Thanks so much to Ana and Dan and their families for being so kind, hosting, and showing us around Romania.

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