Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Giving my dogs what they need

Since moving here, my dogs have received more attention, exercise, and training... probably more cuddles too. When we lived in Houston, I felt terrible because both Steve and I were commuters with full-time jobs, most of our day was spent in the car and at work. The dogs didn't get walks every day because we were tired or it was just too hot for them. They were often cooped up inside the house all day. Outside, they'd overheat very quickly. Even Frisbee tossing in our backyard would only last about 10 minutes before they reached the point where they could barely breathe in the heat. Frog was overweight. Angel was not properly stimulated.

Being here in Scotland as an expat has allowed me to see a difference between then and now. The difference I'm talking about is not love, discipline, or diet. I'm talking about exercise, which affects the previous three. As long as it's not raining, I walk them every day. Sometimes I walk them in the rain. Frog just doesn't like it much so I tend to avoid it. Angel runs with me once a week and up to a 5k some days. I love taking them on forest walks or to the park. Angel chases a ball or Frisbee until she is exhausted! Frog is beginning to behave better around people and dogs (not perfect... FAR from perfect... but better), so the park is more enjoyable. I've also learned when to let him have freedom and when to keep him close to me by paying attention to his body language. Look at them having fun!!

Angel dropped her ball in the puddle.. hehe
 Bath time! They were muddy after the park. This is also something they've gotten used to since moving here. Angel walks into the shower at will as soon as I turn on the water.

Clean puppies!

They go crazy after bathtime. Do your dogs do that? :)

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