Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spying on my dogs - Angel's Deceit

We don't let our dogs on the furniture unless they are invited. We made this rule because a dog we had previously jumped into our plates of food and our popcorn a few times during movies. For a while now, we've noticed that we could hear Angel jumping onto the floor when we came downstairs or came in the house from shopping. I decided to set up a camera to see exactly what she was doing.
And she stayed that way for 45 minutes until we got home. At the end of the video (sorry I clipped it) you can hear us opening the door and see her jump off the couch! LOL. I filmed this by running the iMovie app on my laptop with it plugged in while I was gone. If you have dogs, maybe you should see what they've been up to while you're away from home. I'd love to hear your stories. You can set the iMovie to run for a certain amount of time before turning off, so don't worry about it running all day while you are at work.

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