Saturday, April 6, 2013

A trip down the B9119 through sheep country to Tower Antiques

If you want to take a nice drive to see the countryside, the B9119 from Aberdeen is a nice choice. It was particularly nice yesterday because many lambs have been born, and they are outside skipping around playfully!

As you drive, you can stop at Queen's View:

"If you're coming from Aberdeen, this picturesque route will bring you into the Howe O'Cromar with beautiful panoramic views of Lochnagar, Morven and Mount Keen. The vista is popularly known as the Queen's View after Queen Victoria who so admired it on her visits to the area."

The reason we made this drive was to visit Tower Antiques. He told us that they are opening a shop in Edinburgh soon. They've been working to fix up the place before moving. They have some really nice stuff, and they put a lot of work into things to make them look nice. You can buy furniture cleaning oil and polishing wax from them. I used it to clean up the secretary desk I got at the auction. It really is very good! Even if you don't buy anything, it's worth a trip for the scenic drive and to see the interesting items they have in the shop.
Tower Antiques. The gray building on the right.

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