Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Setting Monthly Goals and Spring Cleaning

I'm trying some new things. For example... goals. I'd like to set goals each month and set different ones. For April, I'm working on Project Simplify from simplemom.net during the month. This week the focus is on drawers and shelves. My own personal goal is to read during breakfast and lunch for the month of April instead of watching TV. During breakfast, I'm trying to read older classics. Yesterday morning I started The Knight's Tale by Chaucer. It's interesting and short and very different from the movie. You should read it.

Here are some before and after shots from the beginning of my spring cleaning!
Before cleaning!
 Hallway before and after! Desk was cleaned and organized!

 Before and after shots of our office desk and stuff all in the floor!

What about you? Are jumping on board of Project Simplify? Or perhaps you are going to set your own goals this month?


  1. Wanna come over to mine and simplify my closets???

    1. Hahaha... now I know you're crazy... :o)

  2. Riana Milne has a great book out, Live Beyond Your Dreams and her parts on Goal Setting have been some of the best I've read. rianamilne.com is her site, she is also a life coach so I don't think anyone can go wrong! You have in turn motivated me to get into my spring cleaning jobs, so thanks for that!


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